About Papa

the revolutionary digital currency that pays homage to Papa, the father of the beloved meme character Pepe. Inspired by the immense popularity of Pepe and the community-driven nature of meme culture, Papa Coin was created to foster creativity, collaboration, and connection among its users. As a tribute to the iconic character, this cryptocurrency aims to bring people together while adding a fun and engaging element to the digital asset ecosystem.


Limited Supply

Papa Coin will feature a limited supply to preserve scarcity and promote value growth over time. This scarcity is intended to encourage people to hold onto the token, thereby increasing demand in the long term.

No Taxes

Most meme coins impose taxes on every purchase and sale, often claiming that the funds will be used for marketing purposes. However, in many cases, the majority of this money ends up in the team's pockets. These coins are not typically traded by serious traders. Our token will not have any taxes, as our contract is a standard ERC20.

Feeding Papa

PAPA aims to outperform many other meme coins by periodically targeting additional coins, with the goal of absorbing their liquidity and adding it to its own reserves. While PAPA may not be inherently evil, it has a voracious appetite. As the progenitor of all, PAPA's ongoing growth is essential.


Will go directly into the liquidity pool


Will be available for the team to provide liquidity to CEXs


Will be locked until the Feeding PAPA contract will be ready and audited

How to buy

Go to Uniswap

Create a Wallet

To obtain Metamask or any other wallet of your preference, you can download it for free from either the app store or Google Play Store. For desktop users, the Google Chrome extension can be acquired by visiting metamask.io.


Get Some ETH

In order to swap to $PAPA, it is necessary to possess ETH within your wallet. If you do not currently have any ETH, there are a few options available to you: you can purchase it directly through Metamask, transfer it from a different wallet, or buy it on a separate exchange and then send it to your wallet.


Go to Uniswap

To connect with Uniswap, open Google Chrome or the browser within your Metamask app and visit app.uniswap.org. Next, connect your wallet and paste the $PAPA token address into Uniswap. Select Pepe and confirm your selection. When prompted by Metamask for a wallet signature, proceed to sign it.


Swap ETH to $PAPA

You can exchange ETH for $PAPA without any taxes, so you need not be concerned with purchasing it at a specific slippage. However, it may be necessary to use slippage during periods of market volatility.

Feeding Papa

Papa enjoys consuming other meme coins, and in return, rewards you with increased value. Each time Papa announces new meme coins it is ready to consume, you can deposit your old, outdated meme coins and feed them to Papa. You will receive Papa coins at a higher value, depending on the amount of time you choose to vest your PAPA coins.

The Papulator

You Get

Turn $0 into $0


Phase 1

Launch Token

Establish PAPA Army

Get 3000 Holders

Phase 2

The Memecoin feast begins

CEX Listings

Phase 3